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Rick Wintle

Consulting Manager/Senior Consultant/Solutions Architect/Systems Engineer


Rick Wintle’s knowledge of and experience in the Enterprise Content Management/Document Management Systems arena makes him an invaluable technical resource.  His depth of experience in the Law Firm and Corporate Legal environments allows him to successfully architect, implement, and maintain matter-centric document solutions on a national basis.  He is highly recognized among his peers as well as competitors as a major influence and expert in the document management consulting industry. With over 20 years of experience in the technology field, Rick has obtained a vast of array of experiences and proficiencies derived from holding professional roles including serving as a Consulting Engineer, Solutions Architect, Sales Engineer, Systems Engineer, Network Administrator and Network Engineer. His intricate knowledge of multiple facets within the technology industry combined with his ability to interact with and present to clients makes him a valuable commodity.  His unique and encompassing proficiencies within the wide array of Autonomy product offerings allows him to succeed with leveraging his continued presence within the Legal and Corporate Legal clients who are seeking a fully integrated Document Management System solution. In addition to his expertise with Autonomy, Rick is a master at Active Directory design and Group Policy implementation including creating his own Administrative Templates and using VBScript and Kixtart to manipulate both Active Directory and user’s desktop environments. He is well versed in the aspects of Microsoft SQL Server, Citrix Server and VMWare solutions.  Rick has also written his own custom applications that integrate with the Autonomy WorkSite Document Management System.  His understanding of document management systems and database structures allows him to design and deploy solutions which meet with success and ensure high availability of critical applications. Rick attended Trenton State College/The College of New Jersey where he discovered his love of technology.



  1. Will Smith says:

    Thank you for the information. Do you currently have a code to sort Search results in descending order on the Desk Site client?

  2. rickwintle says:

    Will – Which column do you need to sort on? We typically set the “Sort Order Mask”=2 on our WorkSite Servers which automatically sorts results by last edit date (most recently edited to least recently edited).

  3. Will Smith says:

    Thank you for your response. I need the “Edit Date” column to sort in descending order. ie 2014 to 2008. We have the “Sort Order Mask”=2 set, however, on the clients it we would like for it to sort descending regardless of last edit date. Is this possilbe?

  4. Hello Rick and thank you very much for making available and sharing your knowledge and experience with WorkSite. I am new to administering WorkSite and gathering as much information as possible. Would you be able to provide a resource for “WorkSite Indexer Administrator’s Guide 8.5” or if possible a Best Practices guide to Indexer configurations? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you once again and Best Regards.

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