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FID Number = Folder ID


How can I reference the tag id number (FID) from the sent and filed email subject line to an actual folder?


When you send and file the email, it gets the id (FID) of the destination folder embedded to the tag of the subject line.  To find out the folder and its parent workspace run the following SQL query:

select * from mhgroup.projects where PRJ_ID=12345 (here you type in the number you have on the tag of the email)

This will give you the information about the destination folder.  One of the columns, TREE_ID will list another number, which will be the parents identification number.  If, from the above statement you receive the number 2345 (for example) in the TREE_ID column, then execute the following SQL query to find the workspace information related to the folder this FID belongs to:

select * from mhgroup.projects where PRJ_ID=2345

WorkSite Communications Server – Supported Office Versions

The latest version of WorkSite Communications Server (8.5 SP2 Update 2) does not work with Outlook 2010 MAPI dlls.  You need to install Outlook 2007.